Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dan Lambert Has ‘Nothing Bad To Say About Robbie Lawler’

In the main event of UFC Newark, ATT’s own, Colby Covington is taking on a former ATT fighter in Robbie Lawler. And, leading up to the fight, “Chaos” explained why the former welterweight champion is no longer at ATT.

Now, ATT owner, Dan Lambert says he has no insight as to why Lawler left, but even though he left, still respects him.

“Well from my standpoint, fighters come and fighters go,” Lambert told MMA Junkie Radio. “We focus on the fighters that are at the gym, not fighters who have left. I don’t have anything bad to say about Robbie Lawler. Even if I did, he’d be the last person I’d say something bad about, I mean look at the guy. Look at the guy and look at his status in the sport.”

Although he is rooting for Covington to win the fight, he still has no ill-will towards Lawler. But, he is confident “Chaos” gets his hand raised at UFC Newark and gets the title shot he deserves.

“You’re going to try and get into a PR battle with that guy? You’re going to lose that one every time but you know, we focus on people that are at the gym,” Lambert said. “Try to make them better, get them to fight. Colby is at our gym, Robbie is not so we’re focusing on Colby.”

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