Friday, September 30, 2022

Dana White Addresses The Flyweight Division’s Future

Dana White gave some insight into the future of the flyweight division. While many thought it was going to be done away with, it looks like Henry Cejudo’s words on how he represents the division and its future reached White. For now, it seems the division is safe and it’s future could very well lie with its current champion.

Speaking with TMZ Wednesday, White confirmed the division is sticking around and Cejudo’s next fight will likely be to defend the flyweight title. As far as the bantamweight picture is concerned, White was not sure yet. Cejudo is out of commission due to shoulder surgery from an injury he received when winning the bantamweight title at UFC 238 when he defeated Marlon Moraes.

While White’s exchange with TMZ focused on Uriah Faber’s return and the talk of him possibly facing Cejudo, he made it clear that the flyweight division is still alive. “As long as Cejudo is willing to defend both titles, he’s the guy that can carry both of them, “White said and clarified, “by ‘both of them’ I mean both divisions.”

Just last week MMA Uno reported that Brandon Moreno who was released by the UFC last year was just resigned back to the UFC, which is a good indicator that perhaps the division is not lost. Cejudo leading up to his fight with Moraes was adamant about showing the worth of fighters in the flyweight division and said he would be the one to save it. It would seem he has not only done that but also shown he can lead the charge in keeping the two divisions he holds titles in relevant.

While White did not rule out a match between Cejudo and Faber, it is nice to see a division that was once thought lost, is safe for now.

Who would you like to see Cejudo face when he returns?

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