Sunday, September 25, 2022

Edgar: Beating Max Holloway Would Be Greatest Career Achievement

In a matter of hours, Frankie Edgar will look to earn a world championship in a second division when he challenges Max Holloway for the featherweight championship tonight at UFC 240. Frankie Edgar’s ability to keep returning to the top of the division during his 12-year UFC career is a tale of inspiration for many and a testament of perseverance for all:

“It shows my stubbornness, my consistency and my perseverance,” Edgar told ahead of his UFC 240 title fight. But if you ask Edgar, it is more than just perseverance alone that is responsible for his frequent reappearances at the top of a bill. It’s more of a case of self-confidence:

“I think it’s my ego,” Edgar said. “A lot of people say ‘don’t let your ego get in the way of stuff,’ but I think that’s what has kept me wanting to be so dominant and still be on top of my game is that I’m not ready to give it up and pass the torch to anybody.”

And if Edgar is able to take the brightest featherweight torch from Max Holloway tonight, he would consider that to be the greatest achievement of his illustrious career:

“Based on the ups and downs I’ve had throughout my career — the setbacks, the failures — I think it would top my achievements,” Edgar said of his upcoming bout with Holloway.

“If I’m able to achieve it, it will let me know that what I have done these last (seven) years since I lost the belt haven’t been wasted.”

Do you believe Frankie Edgar will defeat Max Holloway tonight at UFC 240?

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