Monday, October 3, 2022

Frankie Edgar Discusses Legacy Goals Ahead of UFC 240

Frankie Edgar is universally regarded as a legend in mixed martial arts. This is a man who won Fight of the Night in his very first fight in the UFC 12 years ago. And for over a decade since, Edgar has continued to win honors, accumulate respect from the masses, and continue to cement himself as a future UFC Hall of Famer. He has also gone on to win Fight of the Night six additional times, for a total of seven FOTN honors to his name.

Frankie Edgar has shared cage time with names like B.J. Penn, Benson Henderson, Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo, and many more. He is a former UFC lightweight champion, defeating B.J. Penn by unanimous decision at UFC 112, and has three successful title defenses to his name. Frankie Edgar’s legacy seems pretty secure, but he has continued to strive for more after making a new home in the featherweight division six years ago. Since then, he has defeated names like Yair Rodriguez, Charles Oliveira, Chad Mendes, Jeremy Stephens, and others. But no victory would be bigger or do more for his legacy than if he were to defeat Max Holloway tomorrow night at UFC 240:

“I mean it would only make it better. It would put me in a special class. Not many guys have been able to do it,” Edgar recently told “If I could join the guys like ‘GSP’ (Georges St-Pierre), B.J. (Penn), ‘DC’ (Daniel Cormier), it would definitely put me ahead of where I am now. Ever since I moved down to 145 pounds this has been my goal to win that second title.”

And if Edgar is successful in winning a second title, he isn’t ruling out adding a third division title to his name at 135:

“I think I could make 135, it obviously wouldn’t be fun. But, yeah we have to see what is on the line,” Edgar explained. “I wouldn’t go down to fight anybody, it would have to be for the title or have some title implications.”

Do you believe Frankie Edgar will add a Max Holloway victory and a featherweight championship to his resume a UFC 240?

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