Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Gabi Garcia Responds to Julia Budd’s Callout

Since joining Bellator in 2015, Julia Budd has been nothing short of dominant, with a 7-0 promotional record to reflect that dominance. After making another successful featherweight title defense at Bellator 224 against Olga Rubin, Budd has entertained dream fights against the UFC’s Cris Cyborg and Rizin’s Gabi Garcia. No public response from Cyborg has appeared yet, but for the undefeated powerhouse Gabi Garcia had no problem responding to Budd’s namedrop and has even less of a problem fighting Budd:

“She’s talking about the size difference, saying that I’m a challenge for her, but no, it’s a challenge for me,” Garcia told MMA Fighting. “She’s undefeated since 2011, has way more experience than me. I didn’t even think about fighting MMA back in 2011. She’s faced great names in the sport, so fighting her is a big challenge for me.”

Gabi Garcia’s listed weight is 209 pounds, which would make her a light heavyweight. Budd, who competes as a featherweight, would have quite the weight distance to cover if this fight were to come to pass.

“Forty pounds is a lot, but if she’s asking for that… Careful what you wish for,” Garcia said. “I never called anyone out, she’s the one asking for this fight. I’ll fight her tomorrow. I respect her a lot, but she has no idea what she’s asking for.”

There’s no denying weight would be a major factor in this hypothetical fight; it would only be a matter of if Budd can negate it by being the superior fighter. Gabi Garcia does not envision that happening:

“I’ve been working on my striking every day despite the injury because that’s what I need to evolve at,” Garcia said. “I train boxing and muay thai every single day, and I’m also working more on my wrestling now. She’s a great fighter, but I’m sure I’d beat her.”

Whom do you believe would win a fight between Julia Budd and Gabi Garcia?

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