Friday, September 30, 2022

Greg Hardy and Juan Adams Squash Beef

There is nothing quite like the mutual respect that is earned between two warriors who settle their differences in the forum of the martial arts. Heading into UFC San Antonio, that theory would be put to the test when Juan Adams’ deep-rooted animosity towards Greg Hardy could finally be expressed in action instead of words or social media posts.

Unfortunately for Adams, Greg Hardy silenced him within the very first minute of their bout via repeated strikes to the head during a single-leg takedown attempt from Adams. In the immediate aftermath, Juan Adams threw a temper tantrum while exiting the arena, but he later apologized for his behavior and now, days later, Juan Adams and Greg Hardy have seemingly squashed their beef and have embraced the martial arts way of showing mutual respect after battle:

“To all my fans, hey guys let’s give #juanAdams a second chance. I see people bashing him and reacting to his reaction. But let’s remember when we where asking for my second chance. Let’s be the change and extend a hand of understanding and believe he can be better. #GodBless you Juan and thank you for the scrap. #payitforward #princeofwar” Hardy posted on Instagram. Juan Adams would then leave the following reply in the comments:

“Thank you. And I know social media apologies mean nothing but i sincerely apologize for the headache I may have caused you. I spoke to your uncle in the lobby and it opened my eyes to a lot. Have a good career.”

Greg Hardy moved to 5-1 after his victory over Juan Adams, with Adams now falling to 5-2.

Are you surprised to see Juan Adams and Greg Hardy bury the hatchet after UFC San Antonio?

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