Sunday, October 2, 2022

Greg Hardy Hopes Juan Adams “Learns” and “Gets Better”

Greg Hardy picked up his second consecutive victory by getting the last word in his grudge match against Juan Adams at UFC San Antonio, putting a close to the fight within the very first minute. Reporters caught up with Hardy following the fight while “The Prince of War” was still basking in the afterglow of his dominant victory (Transcript via MMA Junkie):

“I’m super proud of myself,” Hardy said.  “Shout out to my coaches (at American Top Team), best in the country, best in the world. I’m making little developments. Everybody wants to talk about the cockiness and the things I say on camera, but everyone forgets the last statement.”

At the close of the fight, Juan Adams immediately protested the stoppage by referee Dan Miragliotta. Hardy argues that Miragliotta gave Adams every opportunity to defend himself:

“I hit him 30-some-odd times,” Hardy said. “I think (the referee) said three times, ‘Defend yourself, Juan. You’ve got to do something.’ I kind of felt his body go limp. Dan (Miragliotta) gave him plenty of warnings.”

Following the loss, Juan Adams immediately launched his mouthpiece into the audience and stormed out of the arena in frustration. Greg Hardy’s only comment for how Juan Adams should handle the loss is to learn from his mistakes and improve his game:

“I did not see (him storm out of the cage),” Hardy said. “I was having such a good time just enjoying the victory. I did not see him in the ring when they were raising my hand. But God bless him. He’s a young man. I was young. We all remember the mistakes I was making when I was a kid. Hopefully he learns, he gets better. If he wants another knockout, I’ll send him to the hospital again. But maybe just learn some lessons and be better. That’s what we’re preaching out here. We’re becoming better human beings. We’re raising the bar, and I want to be that guy.”

Were you surprised by the Greg Hardy/Juan Adams outcome?

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