Friday, September 30, 2022

Greg Hardy: Juan Adams’ Trash Talk a Compensation for Lack of Talent

Every time Juan Adams is asked a question about Greg Hardy, you can be sure that somewhere in his response will be lots of insults, criticisms, and just outright disrespect. Greg Hardy continues to maintain that he is paying Adams no mind and that Adams’s incessant trash talk is merely a compensation for a lack of talent:

“He’s still not on my radar,” Hardy told MMA Junkie earlier this week . “I’m a superstar, man. I don’t really notice ants. It’s lion and sheep, honestly, and their opinion rarely means anything to me. I want to say I have as much respect for the kid as I can have, I guess, for drumming up the kind of business that he’s trying to drum up.

“When your talent can’t back up what you’re doing, you’ve got to resort to other methods. And I guess that’s what he has to do. But the world knows me. The crowd knows me. I’ve been getting bashed this whole time, and my response is the same. God bless ’em. I’m going to put him in the hospital and wish him the best.”

Greg Hardy has become numb to all the outside criticisms he has received, whether it be from fans on social media or his upcoming opponent. But now he has a peaceful tunnel vision that will culminate in violence:

 “It’s the peace that I was looking for in the violence,” Hardy said. “I’m actually enjoying the trip and focus on the fight when it’s time to fight.”

Do you agree with Greg Hardy? Is Juan Adams’s trash talk just a compensation?

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