Friday, September 30, 2022

Greg Hardy Plans to End Juan Adams’ Career

Tonight at UFC San Antonio, all the talking between Juan Adams and Greg Hardy will come to an end and give way to the violence. Once the referee gives the signal, everything that has been said no longer matters. And if you ask Greg Hardy, they never mattered to begin with. He believes all of Adams’s trash talk was self-promotion for a career that is about to be terminated by night’s end (Transcript via MMA Junkie):

 “After the fight, he’s going to the hospital, brother,” Hardy promised reporters in a media scrum.” I think I’ve said that a couple times. You guys don’t believe me yet? How many shots I got to call, brothers?

“If you’ve met me or if you’ve sat down with me, you can’t say you had a problem with me. I’m not a bad guy. That’s why I say ‘hates me,’ man. And if he continues to do, it’s probably because he wants to sell tickets to his next job. Because it’s not going to be in the UFC. I’m going to end that (Saturday).”

Once Juan Adams and his career has been properly disposed of, Greg Hardy will then take a step back and evaluate what his UFC future has in store, which he projects to include lots of anguish for others:

“I think I’m going to take a week, maybe two, and sit back and analyze the board,” Hardy said. “The picture I want to paint is complete and total domination. I want to put the fear of God in people. I want them to understand this is not going to stop.

“I’m going to make it rain for days and months and years. So, if the next fight comes in a month. Two months. Mr. Dana White says it’s OK. I’ve got to bring pain throughout the next decade, decade and a half – if you guys let me.”

Who do you predict will win tonight’s grudge match between Greg Hardy and Juan Adams?

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