Friday, September 30, 2022

Greg Hardy Talks About Female Fighters Showing Support For Him

Greg Hardy’s past is well documented. He was accused of domestic violence in 2014 and then was suspended by the NFL and made the transition to MMA.

Since then, he started training at American Top Team and says female fighters are supporting him. Those fighters include Rachael Ostovic, Amanda Nunes, Joanna Jędrzejczyk, and Kayla Harrison.

“Oh yeah, man (it means a lot to have support from Rachael),” Hardy said to TMZ Sports (h/t “Even when I met her and the way she handled it, and her situation, having cool people like her, Amanda Nunes, Joanna (Jędrzejczyk) in our gym, Kayla (Harrison), there’s a lot of young to veteran fighters — female wise — that always give me support, that are always super cool with me. They are giving me the opportunity to just get to know me and judge for themselves. It’s meant so much to me and it has helped me get over a lot of those crazy days, crazy humps.”

Hardy also believes that his recent run of wins has changed the perception of him.

“It’s been good,” Hardy said. “I wouldn’t say I’m winning people over but I think people are actually getting the chance to know me. They’re getting to know the actual Greg Hardy, seeing me out in public, seeing me interact with the fans. There are people more on my side. I think I’m entertaining a lot of the world and I think people are being (more) accepting, giving me  the chance to prove — not just forgiving me or this, that and the other — but just giving me the chance to prove who I am.”

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