Sunday, September 25, 2022

Joe Rogan Reacts To Francis Ngannou’s UFC Minneapolis Win Over Junior dos Santos

In the main event of UFC Minneapolis, Francis Ngannou was looking to extend his winning streak to three when he took on Junior dos Santos. There, for the first time in his career, Ngannou was dropped, although it was from a leg kick. But, Ngannou recovered and TKO’d dos Santos in the first round.

One person who was very impressed by his performance was Joe Rogan, who shared his thoughts on the JRE Show.

“The scary thing is he just clipped him. He clipped him, rocked him, put him down, pounded on his head and Junior just couldn’t even move. He just laid there and [took] it and they stopped it quick. That was 100 percent legitimate,” Rogan said (h/t

“Junior had a good start where he was kicking the leg. Especially the lower part of the leg, you can really f*ck someone up with that. He knocked him off balance and that can really f*ck you up man. Like really mess up your movement,” he continued. “And if that was the case, if he was able mess up his movement and get him to miss a little bit, get him so that he was having a hard time moving correctly and keep chewing on that leg then maybe there would be openings for him to jump in with some punches. The problem is when they’re both on the outside Francis is bigger and the consequences are way more grave. If Francis clips you, it’s nighty night. I don’t care who you are.”

Many believe with the win Francis Ngannou deserves a title shot. But, for now, he is waiting to see what is next for him after his knockout win over Junior dos Santos.

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