Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Johnny Walker Will Continue Worm Celebration Despite Injury

In Johnny Walker’s latest of his three Octagon victories, he defeated Misha Cirkunov with a dazzling flying knee TKO. But it was in the aftermath of his fight where Johnny Walker would receive his first L in the UFC by falling victim to his own post-fight celebration. Walker injured his shoulder during a worm celebratory dance and has not competed ever since.

Four months have passed since he lost to his victory dance, and after having his shoulder cleared to return, Johnny Walker is now ready to get back on the worm (Transcript via MMA Junkie):

“I can’t wait to come back,” Walker said. “(It’s been) more than four months. (For) two months, I 100 percent stopped after my surgery to recover my shoulder. Now I started training again, and I can beat some heavy bags and lift weights, start to train properly. The (first) two months after my surgery (were) the worst months of my life, because I could do nothing. …

“I don’t need to change my celebration,” Walker said. “The doctor fixed my shoulder. Now I can celebrate it properly. (Dana) told (me to stop), but I won’t hurt myself again. No worries.”

As for whom the next celebration will be at the expense of, Walker has a name and a place in mind:

“I would like to fight on UFC Abu Dhabi,” Walker said. “I will know Monday after the UFC. Monday, I’ll know where I’ll be fighting (and) against who. Maybe Corey Anderson in UFC Abu Dhabi, but it’s not 100 percent.”

What are your thoughts on Johnny Walker planning to continuing doing the worm celebration dance going forward?

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