Friday, September 30, 2022

Jon Jones Fires Back At Corey Anderson’s ‘Crack Smoke’ Callout

Earlier this year, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones sent out a notice to Corey Anderson asking if he wanted ‘this smoke.’

Anderson quickly responded that he indeed wanted ‘all of’ that smoke. He reiterated that sentiment in a recent interview, but this time he took it a little further. Anderson said he wanted all of the ‘crack and weed smoke’ Jones was smoking:

“I definitely want the belt,” Anderson began. “So Jones, if you watching or if you see this, you know who it is. You said it after Ilir Latifi. You asked if I wanted that smoke. I told you that I wanted all the smoke! All of it. The crack smoke, the weed smoke, whatever you are smoking put it in my face because I am here. I am not hiding, I’m right here.”

Jones Fires Back At Anderson

Jones caught wind of the callout this afternoon. He responded on Twitter by noting it was more of the same personal attacks from his opponents:

“Breaking news: Cory Anderson verbally attacks Jon Jones about his past. Why does these guys have to talk smack before taking their L? And then after the fight I go on with good sportsmanship and say nice things about them. It’s getting old”

Despite Jones’ many outside-the-cage problems, he has seemingly treated vanquished opponents with nothing but respect. After the fight, that is.

He’s been known to respond to his opponents’ attacks on his character with venom before any potential match-up, and Anderson is no different. Responding to Bob Stelton on Twitter, Jones said these fighters often acted quite immature:

“I get it, just wish these boys would let their skills speak for them. For these guys to be considered some of the toughest men/athletes in the world, most of them act like little bitches. Always with the bark and very little bite”

Jones was last seen outlasting Thiago Santos in a hard-fought split decision at July 6’s UFC 239. Anderson has a solid record as of late, but it’s hard to imagine many fans are clamoring for him to fight “Bones” anytime soon.

Anderson is trying his best to get buzz for the bout brewing with his drug references. In a sense, it’s working because many outlets are reporting it. We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it, however.

Is Jones vs. Anderson the right fight to make based on this budding beef?

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