Sunday, September 25, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Open To Grappling Match Against Ben Askren In The Future

Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren do not like each other to say the least. The two had a feud leading up to their UFC 239 fight. But, it was “Gamebred” who did all the talking at UFC 239. He knocked “Funky” out cold in just five seconds with a flying knee.

With that fight being over that quick he was not able to show his grappling skills against Askren. Now, Masvidal would be open to doing a grappling match against Askren. There, he believes he would ‘spank’ Askren just like he did in their fight.

“I love to wrestle, and I would’ve loved to prove that against this guy that he can not hold me down,” Jorge Masvidal said on Radio. “I’m going to have to grapple him one of these days. When I’m bored of this fighting stuff and I need to make some quick cash, I’m going to call him up ‘Yo Ben, I’m going to spank you up bro, in some grappling just to show you who the alpha of alphas is.’ It might sound real rude and [like] I’m out of my mind, but in a five-minute setting or in a cage type setting grappling, I could give this guy hell man.

“It’s not that I’d like to grapple him, but I know I could beat the dude,” he added later. “Do I care for it? It’ll happen, I’m sure, one day. Some promotion will call us up. Offer us some money for me to drop this guy on his face, and I’ll prove to the world he wasn’t going to win that fight grappling either. I know it and he knows it, but I’m showing it to the rest of the mother f*****s watching.”

Whether or not it happens is to be seen, but Jorge Masvidal has at least put the offer on the table.

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