Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Willing to Give Darren Till A Rematch In ‘Due Time’

Jorge Masvidal is not one for rematches. The veteran of the sport has fought professionally since 2003 and has 46 total fights, and has yet to rematch an opponent.

But, Darren Till has stated he wants to run it back with “Gamebred” following his knockout loss. And, Jorge Masvidal is interested in running it back, but not next fight.

“I’ve never had a rematch in my career and I’ve asked for millions of rematches, so I know how he feels,” Masvidal said at a media day scrum (h/t The Mac Life). “I’ll give him a rematch at the due time — he gets a couple wins in, I get a couple more wins in — and we do it. Why not do the rematch for the title? Maybe I bring him Stateside. Give him some of that American homecoming.

“The reason more than anything I want to fight Till is because he fights. The first fight was amazing. The second fight is probably going to be even better and people are going to know already that it’s gonna be amazing, so I think it’ll be a huge fight. I don’t know when it’ll take place, I’m not saying it’ll be this year or next year, but it will take place I’m sure at some point.”

Darren Till says he knows he can beat him given he did drop him early in the fight. However, Jorge Masvidal would like to see him get a few more wins before they run it back as he plans on fighting for the title next if he beats Ben Askren tomorrow.

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