Friday, September 30, 2022

Juan Adams: Greg Hardy Has Shown No Remorse for Past

Juan Adams wants the world to know that while he believes Greg Hardy’s entire mixed martial arts career is a publicity stunt, his contempt for Hardy is not.

Juan Adams has been trashing Greg Hardy long before their upcoming fight for this weekend’s UFC San Antonio was booked, and his attacks before the bell have been increasing as the days inch closer to their heavyweight bout. But according to Adams, he is not singling out Hardy because he is an easy target or a recognized name. There is a laundry list of legitimate reasons behind Adams’s contempt for him (Transcript via CagesidePress):

 “…His whole demeanor, hearing all the stuff, seeing all the benefits that he’s getting that I’m working so hard for,” Adams said of Hardy. “I really had to work a lot to get noticed by the UFC. I fought seven times in sixteen months to get my shot on Contender Series.” Meanwhile, Hardy, a star in another league, got the golden ticket in. “He washed out of the NFL, said I want to fight, and he gets a shot. That’s a big part of it.”

But meritocracy and privilege aside, the above reason pales in comparison to the biggest issue Adams has with Hardy: Hardy’s domestic violence history and the perceived lack of remorse that accompanies it:

“When I was six years old, the guy my mom was dating at the time came home, put his hands on her. I tried to fight him, I couldn’t do anything, I was six fighting a grown man, me and my three year old brother,” Adams said.

“Reading that police report just rubbed me the wrong way. Seeing him show no remorse for it at all, not even make an attempt — it’s pretty simple, just make an apology statement — but clearly he’s not sorry for what he did, and he doesn’t regret it.”

Juan Adams will have an opportunity to give Hardy his comeuppance in the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas this Saturday, July 20.

Do you believe Juan Adams’s contempt for Greg Hardy is justified or overblown given he has never met Greg Hardy?

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