Sunday, October 2, 2022

Juan Adams: Greg Hardy & His Fans Not All Mentally There

If Juan Adams is successful in defeating Greg Hardy tonight at UFC San Antonio, that victory would deliver stacks of sweetness for Adams to indulge in, with one batch being the pleasures of silencing Greg Hardy’s salty fans. In fact, aside from Hardy’s domestic violence history and Adams believing Hardy did not earn his spot in the UFC, another reason for Adams’s contempt for the former NFL star is his toxic fan base:

“It’s one thing to get stuff from your peers, it’s another thing to get stuff from very low-intelligence people that don’t know anything about it. Every night, I’m hearing the same stuff,” Adams said in a UFC San Antonio media scrum. ‘You should fight Greg Hardy’ or ‘you’re afraid to fight Greg Hardy.’ Me, as a person, as a man, nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to have their strength challenged like that.”

And in a recent interview with MMA Tonight, Juan Adams’s onslaught on Hardy’s fans ramped up:

“All his fans are in that below average intelligence group, and they’re weirdos. They probably have some type of frustration with women, and that’s why they like him, because he hits them.”

But it is not Hardy fans that Juan Adams will be fighting tonight at UFC San Antonio, it will be the man himself, a man who believes he has the makings of becoming the greatest heavyweight combat sports athlete of all time. Juan Adams tried to make sense of Hardy’s recent comments, which he considers every bit as asinine as the things he hears from Hardy’s fan base:

“Some of it’s confidence, the other part of it, to me, is he’s clearly not mentally all there,” Adams said of Greg Hardy. “We all know this. And on top of that, everything that comes out of his mouth comes from a juvenile sense of overconfidence, god complex comes to mind. But he’s clearly suffering from a very large disconnect with reality.”

Who do you believe will leave UFC San Antonio happy: Greg Hardy and his fans or Juan Adams?

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