Monday, October 3, 2022

Juan Adams: Greg Hardy Is Just A Publicity Stunt

This Saturday at UFC San Antonio, Juan Adams will make his Octagon return against the polarizing Greg Hardy. One thing is clear about Greg Hardy: he has no shortage of critics, with many people believing that he should not even be allowed to fight in the UFC after his domestic violence history. But it is not only fighters who hold this belief. As a matter of fact, his very next opponent feels the same way and that his entire career has everything to do with publicity and nothing to do with his ability as a mixed martial artist.

“I felt like anyone who ever knew anything about MMA knew that his whole career is a publicity stunt,” Adams told theScore MMA. “You can even look back at his amateur fights. He fought a 44-year-old, a a 42-year-old, and a 37-year-old. None of those guys had any aspirations of going pro or making it to the UFC.

“Everyone that I fought at one point wanted to be in the UFC, or wanted to be a pro, or thought they were a competitive athlete.”

Needless to say, Juan Adams does not believe that such a figure comprises much of a threat against him in an MMA fight:

“He’s got one tool, one way to beat me, and he’s not even particularly good at that,” Adams stated.

Thus far, the only fighter to defeat Juan Adams was his most recent opponent, Arjan Bhullar, who earned a unanimous decision over Adams at UFC on ESPN+ 9. In Hardy’s most recent bout, he defeated Dmitrii Smolyakov via ground and pound.

Do you agree with Juan Adams’s assertion that Greg Hardy’s career thus far has been nothing but a “publicity stunt”?

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