Thursday, September 29, 2022

Leon Edwards Focused on Title, Not Jorge Masvidal

From the moment he ingested a three piece and a soda from acclaimed chef Jorge Masvidal, Leon Edwards has made it a point of placing Masvidal at the top of his hit list. But that doesn’t mean he is at the top of Edwards’ wish list. That honor would fall to whomever is the world champion, which at the moment is Kamaru Usman:

“My focus is to be a world champion. My focus is not on Masvidal,” Edwards clarified on the Eurobash podcast. “It’s to be a world champion. So if I could get a title shot before I fought Masvidal, that would be perfect. I’ll beat Usman, and then beat Masvidal.”

Make no mistake about it, Leon Edwards would still be happy to give Jorge Masvidal a receipt for the three piece and a soda from March, thus instituting his own return policy:

“But if they’re not giving me that and they want to give me Masvidal first instead, that’s another perfect situation as well. That opens me up to a bigger audience, I’d get to school the weasel, and then on to Usman. So either or, I do not give a shit. I’m ready to go. I’m one of the best fighters in the world, and I  prove it time and time again.”

Leon Edwards has faced Kamaru Usman before, with Usman winning via unanimous decision four years ago. Since then, Edwards has followed Usman’s path in not missing a step, rallying off eight consecutive victories in the welterweight division. Who Edwards has not yet faced, though, is Jorge Masvidal, save their one-sided backstage confrontation.

Do you believe we will see Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal next?

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