Monday, October 3, 2022

Man Jailed After Using Cody Garbrandt’s Photo On Tinder In Catfish Scam

A Welsh man used Cody Garbrandt’s likeness on Tinder to scam girls on the dating app.

According to police reports (h/t MMA Junkie) Paul Davies, 30, scammed girls for more than $20,000 by posing as Garbrandt. But, he used a picture of Garbrandt and the name Aaron Edwards, who he said was 28, living in a penthouse and worked as a regional manager for Audi.

According to the BBC, Swansea Crown Court heard that Davies used Garbrandt’s picture to attract vulnerable women to his Tinder profile. He then gained their confidence where he would request money from them.

Davies attracted several women to his page, and after one person gave him over 10 thousand USD, a friend noticed the picture was Cody Garbrandt. Thus, telling the friend she had been catfished. The police have said he did the same thing to seven other girls, who in total between the seven gave him $9,500 USD.

The Welsh man was found guilty of fraud by false representation and sentenced to 34 months in jail. Although he could get out early he must serve 17 months.

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