Monday, October 3, 2022

Mike Winkeljohn Says Holly Holm Handling KO Loss Exactly The Opposite Of Ronda Rousey

Back at UFC 193 where Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey, “Rowdy” seemingly disappeared from MMA. It was a tough loss to handle, especially it being her first, but Mike Winklejohn is glad Holm is not doing that now after being knocked out to Amanda Nunes at UFC 239.

Rather, she released a statement on her Instagram and admits she got caught. And, her coach is glad she did just that.

“Holly’s going to be back. She’s definitely one of the fighters in the gym. She works harder than anybody else. She has the desire and the passion, which is higher than anybody in the gym,” Winkeljohn said to MMA Fighting.

“She’s exactly the opposite of what Ronda Rousey did after Holly knocked her out. Ronda, her whole world was over and all these bad things, which is not what young ladies or anybody needs to hear in this world. S—t happens. When bad things happen, what makes you great is your ability to deal with it and go forward. That’s what Holly has decided to do. That’s what she’s done her whole life and she will go forward.”

Winkeljohn says Holm wants that fight back against Nunes as she simply got caught. However, they both know she will have to work her way back up the division to get another title shot.

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