Sunday, October 2, 2022

Robert Whittaker Plans On Making Sure Everyone Knows Why He Is At The Top At UFC 243

Robert Whittaker has only fought twice in the past two years. Injuries have kept him away from the Octagon but he will return in October at UFC 243 to take on Israel Adesanya.

Since he hasn’t been able to fight since UFC 225 back in June of 2018, Whittaker believes many people have forgotten about him. Not only have they forgot about him, but how good he is.

“[I feel] like a fighter who retires and three weeks later everyone forgets about them,” Whittaker told ESPN. “I haven’t been able to fight for a bit over a year and that’s just the nature of the sport. I was upset, but unfortunately, that’s just the way it is.

“But I feel great now. Honestly, I feel the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been. I’m coming back in October and I’m going to make sure everyone remembers why I’m at the top.”

Although the lead up to this fight has been intense, Whittaker admits he is just thinking about it as any other fight. He doesn’t care about the trash talk, and instead wants to show off his skills and show the world why he is the champion.

“It’s just another fight for me, but this fight means a lot in the sense that I have unfinished business in Melbourne,” Whittaker said. “I want to get there and put on a show that a lot of my fans have been waiting desperately for.”

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