Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Robert Whittaker Says Israel Adesanya Is ‘Arguing By Himself’

It is quite obvious Robert Whittaker is not one for trash talk. The middleweight champion would rather do his talking inside the Octagon. But, his next opponent in Israel Adesanya is the exact opposite of that and loves to build up the fights.

However, according to Whittaker, he says he doesn’t care about any of his trash talk.

“I guess the biggest difference for this fight and this opponent is that he’s got a problem,” Robert Whittaker said to ESPN (as transcribed by BJPENN.com). “He’s kind of like arguing by himself. All my other opponents realize they’re not gonna get a rise out of me and they’re just chill and we fight. In the weeks coming we’ve got a fight. Face-to-face, you know. We can resolve our differences then. It’s different with him because he has a one-man argument. So yeah, I don’t care. It is what it is.”

Although Whittaker admits somethings Adesanya says is funny, he doesn’t know much of it because he doesn’t use social media often.

“I find some of the things he says funny as well. The thing is, I’m kind of under a rock. I don’t realize a lot of things are going on around me until people tell me. So I’m not very social media aware of what’s going on. It’s like someone will come to the gym and be like, ‘hey man did you see what Izzy said about you?’ And I’m like, ‘nah tell me.’ And then they tell me in their words and it’s funny. I guess I’m just not aware. I’m just not very aware.”

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