Friday, September 30, 2022

Sarah Kaufman Says ‘Absolutely’ Kayla Harrison Gets ‘Preferential Treatment’

Sarah Kaufman believes the road to success is laid out a bit easier for Kayla Harrison.

It’s no secret that Harrison has some hype surrounding her. The judo Olympic gold medalist is credited with spearheading PFL’s women’s lightweight division. So far in her young professional MMA career, Harrison has gone 4-0. She’s expected to face Morgan Frier on July 11.

Kaufman Says Harrison Takes An Easier Path

Like Harrison, Kaufman is also in the PFL women’s 155-pound weight class for this season. She admitted to that she feels Harrison gets special circumstances when it comes to this season:

“Oh absolutely Kayla’s getting preferential treatment,” Kaufman said. “I knew that coming in. I knew that while I’m in there. Given that I’m currently ranked No. 1 in the division and she’s going to be the co-main event, I mean you see that for what it is and I don’t care.

“Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you get preferential treatment, if you don’t win the fight, and I win the $1 million dollars and then I’ll get the preferential treatment. I’ll keep putting the pressure on her and my own pressure on myself but definitely, I think they try to find the matchups that would be the best for Kayla going into the second round to try and ensure that she gets the finish.”

Many are expecting Kaufman and Harrison to eventually do battle in the women’s lightweight finals. They are both 1-0 this season.

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