Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sergio Pettis Returning to Flyweight Division

After making his UFC bantamweight debut last December, Sergio Pettis is now ready to return to the resurging flyweight division, per head coach Duke Roufus:

“We just talked to his management team and we’re seeking to get on the San Francisco card,” Roufus recently told MMA Fighting. “He’s looking to return to flyweight as well. I was with Henry Cejudo at a UFC pool party and I said, ‘Hey, thanks for saving the flyweight division.’

“I mean, the UFC said it didn’t go away, but it really did go away, they cut a lot of fighters, but Sergio wants to return to flyweight. He had a lot of success there.”

The flyweight division once shrunk to less 12 fighters, without enough to fill the standard 15-fighter rankings, but things seem to be slowly returning to business as usual, and it appears the division is here to stay. Old faces like Brandon Moreno and Pettis himself have returned to the normalized rankings, Dana White is planning future title fights for the division, and Sergio Pettis is ready to settle back into the division he ranked in the top 5 (currently #6) after making an 0-1 pitstop in the UFC’s bantamweight division:

“Sergio’s my dear friend, my teammate,” Roufus said. “Sergio, you want to be a flyweight, you’re gonna be a flyweight. Once I dial my head in to whatever these guys want, I support them. Is lightweight a tough weight cut for Paul Felder? Yes it is, but if Paul Felder wants to fight at lightweight, we’re fighting at lightweight and that’s what I do. I support my people.”

Do you believe Sergio Pettis will ever receive a UFC flyweight title shot?

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