Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sordid Details Arise Of Jon Jones’ Alleged Strip Club Battery

Jon Jones is facing yet another unnecessary legal issue, this time involving a strip club.

Earlier this morning, news came that Jones had been facing a bench warrant for allegedly battering a waitress at Albuquerque’s TD’s Eubank Showclub. He soon paid $300 to clear the warrant. A spokesperson for Jones categorically denied the charges. Jones soon did the same in response to an online inquiry from a fan. The troubled MMA great chalked it all up to his haters wanting to see him fall.

Yet it would seem, at least on the surface, that he’s doing a fine enough job of setting those wheels in motion himself.

Of course, his latest set of allegations are just that until proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. However, the details of his interaction with the waitress have surfaced in a report from TMZ Sports today. In it, the woman stated she had been serving Jones and his friends for the duration of their evening at the club. The star fighter had repeatedly requested a dance from her, but she clarified she was only a waitress and not a stripper.

She then claimed Jones took things up a notch and pulled her to his lap. He then began kissing her neck. When she later went to the bar to get shots for his group, Jones allegedly snuck up behind her and put her in a “tight rear-naked choke hold.” The woman escaped from the hold, but then Jones allegedly “picked [her] up off the ground and turned her around in the air and was roughhousing with her.” She later told police, “It felt like a wrestling match and nothing sexual.”

Serious Allegations

But then it supposedly became just that. She said Jones “placed her down by the bar and slapped her p***y.”

The woman said she told Jones not to touch her in that fashion, but if he wanted to, he had to pay for it. She claimed she told him, “if he was going to smack her, he need [sic] to pay her $100 which she told Jon Jones approximately two times.” Finally, the woman told police, “I think [Jon Jones] is a f*cking piece of sh*t.”

It is a bit peculiar that the club in question would have a mere $100 fee for their patrons to become violent with the staff on duty. Perhaps it’s just par for the course in the strip club scene these days; I’m not quite sure.

Regardless, many are stating it’s just a situation that Jones shouldn’t be putting himself in after so many outside-the-cage troubles have badly hindered his legendary career. He and his camp seem to think the charges are materially false and nothing to worry about.

Yet the fact of the matter remains the details of this latest brush-in with the law are just a horrible look – for him and the UFC. We’ll see if anything transpires because of it.

Are you at all concerned with the details of Jon Jones’ latest run-in with the law?

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