Monday, October 3, 2022

Stipe Miocic Says Daniel Cormier ‘Contradicts Himself All The Time’

Stipe Miocic isn’t taking too kindly to Daniel Cormier’s words before their rematch.

On Aug. 17, Miocic and Cormier will collide a second time in the UFC 241 headliner. Back in July 2018, Cormier knocked out Miocic in the first round to become the UFC heavyweight champion. Since that time, Miocic had been clamoring for a rematch while Cormier was holding off for a potential clash with Brock Lesnar. Once Lesnar retired from mixed martial arts competition, it left the door open for Cormier vs. Miocic II.

Miocic Tired Of Cormier ‘Contradicting’ Himself

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto spoke to Miocic following the UFC summer press conference 2019. Miocic made it clear that he feels Cormier is in for a rude awakening in their rematch:

“I don’t know to that extent thinking it should be handed to me, but I just look at some of these guys that never defended the belt and they get a title rematch right away. And I’m like, ‘you know I defended it three times.’ And then he’s telling me I should fight against before I fight him. I’m like, ‘you’re trying to fight a dude who hasn’t fought in three years, been popped twice for steroids.’ But listen, it is what it is. I’m just happy I got the rematch. Now he’s acting like, “same result,” listen definitely different result. Me getting my hand raised and walking out with the belt around my waist. And new.”

Miocic went on to say that he doesn’t appreciate Cormier saying he feels he should’ve taken a fight before getting a title rematch.

“Everything that he says bothers me. He just contradicts himself all the time. One minute he’s like, ‘oh Stipe deserves a rematch.’ And then he’ll be like ‘oh but you should fight before me.’ But you’re trying to fight a dude that hasn’t fought in three years. It is what it is. I’m not getting upset about it, but it’s just sometimes some of the things he says just irritates me.”

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