Monday, October 3, 2022

T.J. Dillashaw Vows To Return Better Than Ever

Despite having his back against the wall, T.J. Dillashaw feels he will return with a bang.

Dillashaw will not see action inside the Octagon until 2021. The former UFC bantamweight champion was suspended for two years by USADA. This was due to Dillashaw’s positive drug test for EPO following his failed bid to capture the UFC flyweight title from Henry Cejudo.

T.J. Dillashaw Makes A Promise

In an Instagram post, Dillashaw took the time to thank those who continue to support him. He also vowed to return at his peak:

“Can’t wait to have healthy shoulders and get back on that grind with my team. It is a promise that I will be better than ever when I make my return. Thank you for sticking with me.”

When Dillashaw’s suspension is up, he’ll be just a few weeks shy of his 35th birthday. Many question how Dillashaw will look upon his return and have counted him out due to time not being on his side for a 135-pounder. Time will tell if Dillashaw will rise to the occasion and there is still plenty of time left to find out.

How do you think T.J. Dillashaw will fare when he’s eligible to compete again?

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