Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thiago Santos Announces Knee Surgery Was Successful

Thiago Santos announced Wednesday morning that he was set for knee surgery on both his knees. Well, on Thursday, he announced on social media that the surgery was a success.

“after 4 hours of surgery, the drs say everything is fixed! Now my focus is on a full recovery so I can get back in there better and stronger,” he wrote.

Santos hurt his knee in his UFC 239 fight against Jon Jones. There, he tore every ligament in his left knee. The estimated timeline for recovery is 8-12 months, according to various reports following his fight.

It was an incredible performance from Santos to got he distance with Jones, and have it a split-decision. Some believe “Marreta” won the fight while he was practically on one knee.

Once he comes back, Thiago Santos will no doubt still be a top light heavyweight and could very well get a title fight right away. He gave Jones the toughest fight of his career and should the division he is a legitimate threat.

Before he can do that, he needs to recover from his surgery and get back into training once he is cleared to do so.

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