Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Thiago Santos Set For Knee Surgeries Today

Thiago Santos fought Jon Jones at UFC 239 for the light heavyweight title. There, many thought the Brazilian had won the fight and so too did one judge as it was ruled a split-decision.

During the fight, Santos’ knee kept on buckling. It was obviously bugging him, but no one knew the extent of the injury until after the fight. There, it was revealed that he had torn every ligament in his left knee, and had a small meniscus injury on his right knee.

So, after the expectation was that Thiago Santos would have knee surgery later this week, the doctors moved it up to today, he announced. And, he is set for surgery on both knees today in Los Angeles.

“Today 1pm I’ll do the surgeries on my two knees, pray for me,” Santos wrote.

When the extent of the injury was revealed it was determined he would be out for 8-12 months. Meaning, we may not see “Marreta” step back into the Octagon until next summer. Who he fights when he returns is to be seen, but the Brazilian made his case for a rematch.

Right now, the focus will be on recovery and then getting back into the Octagon next year.

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