Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tito Ortiz Apologizes To Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones

Tito Ortiz is walking back on his words towards both Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones.

Earlier this week he made an appearance on the Domenick Nati Show where he said this about the two rivals:

“I think I would do a lot better against Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier, because Cormier is just a shorter guy (with) bigger legs, bigger torso,” Ortiz said “He’s just a big, big guy. Jon Jones is long and lengthy. I’m going to get in the inside and try to overpower some of the positions. But if it would be Jon Jones, I would think I’d have a great chance against (him).”

Now, in a video posted to Instagram, Ortiz apologized to both for the ‘disrespectful’ comments he said.

“This message goes out to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier,” Ortiz said in the video (as transcribed by “I did an interview earlier this week and the reporter asked, ‘How would I do against Jon Jones in my prime?’ And my response was in a negative and disrespectful manner to both fighters.

“Jon Jones, you’re one of the greatest light heavyweight champions to ever grace the Octagon. Daniel Cormier, you’re one of the greatest light heavyweights and the greatest heavyweight champion to ever grace the Octagon. I respect both of you guys tremendously and for the first time in my career, I was in the wrong in this interview. So I hope you guys can take my apology because I respect both you guys like no other in and out of the cage.”

Neither Jones or Cormier have responded to the apology.

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