Monday, October 3, 2022

Tony Ferguson not interested in Donald Cerrone rematch

In the “People’s Main Event” of UFC 238, Tony Ferguson continued his winning ways at the expense of Donald Cerrone, but his punch to the nose of Cerrone at the close of the second round left a bitter aftertaste on what was a flavorful fan-favorite clash. The fan-favorite Ferguson was then rarely showered with boos and stated in his Octagon interview that he would be open to running it back with Cerrone. Dana White also expressed interest in a rematch, so has there been any new developments on the Ferguson/Cerrone II coming to fruition?

 “Absolutely nothing,” Ferguson told Helen Yee of Eyes on the Game. “I’ve been getting fat. I haven’t heard anything about any rematch. I know the fans want it and a couple things, but I think the fans, they’ve been attacking Dana White for that title shot. Yeah, I get that. I’ve been completely off the radar from social media, which is kind of fun, been enjoying a lot of family time, my kid’s getting big, and really just kind of enjoying it. And so I’m ready to come back to business. I know they have a fight coming up in Abu Dhabi, so they might need me around to prepare for that if they need a standby or something.”

Tony Ferguson was heckled in the immediate aftermath of his victory with Donald Cerrone, but after cooler heads prevailed, the fans are indeed standing solidly behind Ferguson en masse. As for Ferguson, he, too, has chilled his stance regarding a potential rematch with Cerrone weeks after his adrenaline-laden Octagon interview at UFC 238:

“No. No, absolutely not,” Ferguson said of his interest in a rematch. “I don’t think think he wants that rematch, either. I know he says it, but I think that, in the cage, he doesn’t want that shit. As soon as that cage door closes, it’s different.”

Donald Cerrone has recently stated that he would like to fight two more times in 2019, and there is no word yet on who the first of those two opponents will be. But if it is up to Tony Ferguson, his name will be removed from that hat and placed where most fans feel it rightfuly belongs: at the top of the lightweight contender heap.

Do you believe there should be a rematch between Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone next?

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