Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tyron Woodley Responds To Covington & Danis’ Jabs Over Pics With Masvidal

Tyron Woodley has brought the heat in response to Colby Covington and Dillon Danis’ verbal shots.

Woodley and Askren are training partners and close friends. Askren is coming off the first loss of his professional mixed martial arts career after being knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in five seconds. Images surfaced of Woodley and Masvidal which made it seem like the two were hanging out.

Covington & Danis Take Digs, Woodley & Askren Answer

Covington tagged Askren in a tweet showing Woodley and Masvidal taking an ice bath:

“[Ben Askren], I think we need new best friends.”

Askren was quick to respond and he wasn’t amused by Covington’s joke.

“Just like you have to pay girls to hang out with you I guess Jorge has to pay for friends.”

Woodley later addressed the image and didn’t mince words with Covington.

“Ur b*tch ass need “A” friend period. Clearly u dont have 1 cause people letting u continue 2 look & sound dumb AF! For the record I was doing a [cbdMD] (TW20 for 20% off) commercial and he is a signed athlete. I spoke to Ben about it. I’m a real friend. You a [leech] and Qweef!”

SBG Ireland standout and Bellator prospect Danis also weighed in on Woodley’s time with Masvidal.

“If my close friend and life long training partner got viciously ko’d by someone then hit multiple times when he was unconscious i wouldn’t be posing for a picture with that guy. funny how all these guys are bitch made, loyalty is hard to come by.”

Woodley had some shots for Danis as well.

“[Shut] yo b*tch ass up. Always clout chasing! It’s called a commercial idiot. I can’t control the talent they select. And the only thing you are loyal to is sucking at MMA and [Conor McGregor] whiskey bottle.”

Finally, the former UFC welterweight champion reiterated the reason why he and Masvidal were seen together.

“For the world one time and one time only! [Ben Askren] and I are Good. Spoke to him after my [cbdMMA] (TW 20 for 20%off) commercial that [Jorge Masvidal] was in. So Qweefington and Conor’s tapping assistant quit clout chasing like some lil IG models.”

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