Monday, May 23, 2022

Brian Ortega Wants ‘Korean Zombie’ In Return Fight After He Was ‘Talking Smack’

Brian Ortega has not fought since UFC 231 when he lost to Max Holloway. Since then he has been recovering from injuries and is ready to return to the Octagon against Korean Zombie.

Why he wants that fight is simple. Ortega says Korean Zombie was talking smack about him.

“In my head it was great. Korean (Zombie) was talking smack, I felt good, I was already back to training, I was like cool. I had my boys in Mexico City set up, training facilities over there,” Ortega said to MMA Fighting. “I had a whole layout and then some unfortunate events in management and team and everything happened. Now we had to fix everything and now we’re back.”

When that fight will take place is to be seen. Korean Zombie has made it known he wants to fight on the South Korean card. Whether or not that matches Brian Ortega’s timeline is unknown. All ‘T-City’ wants is the fight to happen and be the main event.

“I want to fight. I want to give the fans a main event fight somewhere,” Ortega said. “Korean Zombie sounds good, especially after the fact that he’s talking s**t, which is not like him, so I’m guessing there’s something behind that. If he can keep talking and the fans want to see it and we can make that a main event somewhere, we should.”

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