C.B. Dollaway Releases Statement On USADA Suspension

C.B. Dollaway has spoken following his two-year USADA suspension.

It was announced earlier today that he was handed and has accepted a two-year suspension for violating the UFC Anti-Doping Policy. Dollaway’s ban is due to multiple positive tests for banned substances. He was also flagged for using a prohibited method due to an over-the-limit IV.

Dollaway reportedly tested positive for anastrozole, growth hormone-releasing peptide 2 (GHRP-2 or pralmorelin), a metabolite of GHRP-2, and GHRP-6.

Now, taking to his Instagram, C.B. Dollaway released a statement saying he did not knowingly take anything.

“In light of the recent decision made by USADA to issue me a two year sanction, I want it to be very clear that I did not knowingly nor intentionally take any performance enhancing drugs,” Dollaway wrote on Instagram. “As many people close to me are aware, I suffered a serious back injury in 2016. With my insurance capped out, I needed to find (an) alternative solution if I wanted to continue to compete in mixed martial arts.,

“I traveled to Mexico to have a stem cell procedure done and ended up coming into contact with the mentioned substances. I am sorry to let my friends, family and fans down. I want to personally thank Donna Marcolini, the VP of health and performance of the UFC, for her assistance and for believing in me. I will take this time to continue working on my health and hopefully be ready to come back in 2020 as a healthy athlete/fighter for the first time since 2016.”

C.B. Dollaway last fought back in September of 2018 where he was TKO’d by Khalid Murtazaliev. Before that, he beat Hector Lombard by DQ, and Ed Herman by decision. The 36-year-old has been in the UFC since 2008 and has a record of 11-9.

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