Sunday, September 25, 2022

Chael Sonnen Explains Which Fight He Would Want To Relive

Chael Sonnen recently retired from MMA after a legendary career. He fought the best of the best, and consensus GOAT’s.

Now, speaking on his YouTube channel, Sonne reflected on his career and explained what fight he would like to relive. To many, it should be no surprise.

“If I could go back and relive any fight, oh boy,” he said. “Anderson Silva, first or second, either way, you wanted to do it. In the first fight, let’s see here, he got me in a triangle choke, of which, in this point of my life would be absolutely no problem for me to defend. At that point in my life, it was a surprise. Once I was stuck, I didn’t know how to deal with it.

“My corner had told me it was the fourth round, it was fifth round and there was a minute and change left in the fight,” Sonnen continued. “My corner had told me in the fourth, as silly as that was that I didn’t know what round it was, it was the first time being in championship rounds. You had fatigue, so they said it was the fourth round, and I always wondered did that have anything to do with it? Could I have been tougher, could I have hung on, could I have changed my strategy? Possibly, stall. Possibly I would have stayed away from him and eaten up the clock, had I known if it was the fifth.

“I always wondered that. So, if I could do one again it would be one of the Anderson fights,” he added. “I had some good moments in the second fight as well, I don’t know if you guys know that contest, but I do. And, I fell down and he capitalized. I had some regrets there.“

It should be no surprise as the first Silva fight was the closest he was to winning a major MMA title.

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