Friday, September 30, 2022

Coach Says Bantamweight Is Clearest Path To UFC Title For Frankie Edgar

Ricardo Almeida isn’t the only coach of Frankie Edgar’s who wants “The Answer” to move down to bantamweight.

At UFC 240, Edgar challenged Max Holloway for the featherweight gold. This was Edgar’s third shot at the UFC featherweight title, including his interim championship fight back in July 2016. Once again, Edgar fell short in his efforts. He dropped a unanimous decision to Holloway.

Mark Henry Urges Frankie Edgar To Move Down

Edgar’s longtime coach Mark Henry told that at times, Edgar has scoffed at the idea of dropping down to 135 pounds.

“Sometimes he bites my hand, then I just walk away,” Henry told MMAjunkie. “Other times, he’ll sit there for a second, and I might get a different reaction. His family loves him, and I think they would like to see him fight guys his size. It’ll also make his career go longer because he loves what he’s doing.”

Henry continued, saying that he feels that Edgar has the best shot at capturing UFC gold once again if he jumps to bantamweight.

“I think it will be a tough sell but, for me, it’s about taking the clearest path to the belt. Not only that, but he’s also fought pretty much everybody at featherweight, so bantamweight would be something new and fresh and exciting.”

The last time Edgar was a title holder, he ruled the roost at lightweight. Edgar went 2-0-1 in his title defenses. He moved down to the 145-pound division after dropping two bouts to Benson Henderson.

UFC president Dana White told reporters that Edgar doesn’t have much else to prove. At the age of 37 and a record of 23-7-1 with a lightweight title run to his credit, many would agree. Edgar has made it clear that he plans to continue fighting, the question remains at what weight class?

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