Colby Covington: ‘Flawless’ Win Over Lawler Cemented Legacy (Interview)

Colby Covington extended his winning streak in a big way in the main event of UFC Newark. There, he dominated Robbie Lawler from the get-go and won all five rounds on each judge’s scorecards.

However, the lead-up to the fight was not easy for Covington. He suffered a very serious cut above his eye that almost made him pull out. Yet, he decided to fight and put on a ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ performance against Lawler.

“Yeah, it went perfect. Given the circumstances and the adversity I had to face in training camp, not being able to train or take contact because I got a nasty cut on my eye two and a half, three weeks before the fight,” Covington said to MMA News. “I took the fight on four weeks notice, short-notice. So it went perfect, I didn’t get touched. Flawless, perfect fight, you couldn’t ask for a better fighter against a future first-ballot Hall of Famer. A legend in the game, Robbie Lawler, who defended the title four or five times. ‘Fighter of the Year’ candidate. Everyone was scared to fight him and I went out there and dominated him and showed I’m on a different level.”

Covington was entering this fight after more than a year away from the cage where many were interested to see how he looked. Yet, ring rust was not a factor in this fight as he had his way with Lawler and did whatever he wanted in there.

For, “Chaos” it was the type of performance that showed just how good he is, and proves he is the best welterweight alive.

“It cements my legacy and shows I’m the best welterweight in the world. It shows I’m not just a wrestler and can strike,” he explained. “I set the record for most strikes thrown ever in a UFC fight. I’m in the record books, and that is for all weight classes. No one is ever going to beat my record of 533 strikes thrown. It shows an example. I’m the most well-rounded fighter in the world and there is not a man alive that can deal with what I can put out on the table. Very excited to share it with my team, American Top Team.”

Meanwhile, something equally impressive as setting the record for most strikes thrown is his cardio. He doesn’t let the foot off the gas at all and was always in Lawler’s face for the entire fight throwing punches or attempting takedowns. How he is able to do that and not be tired after 25-minutes is simple.

“I tell everyone time and time again I’m constantly working on my cardio in the bedroom. There is a reason why I have porn star cardio and that is too much for these guys,” Covington said. “They can’t keep up and just drown in the deep end of the pool. They have never felt that kind of deep waters and being out of breath. Fighting out of breath and I’m not out of breath, I can keep on going. I can go 10 rounds. I wish there were 10 rounds in a fight, that would be amazing.”

Although he brought the fight to Lawler and was in striking distance for the entire fight, Covington was concerned about the power. He knows it takes just one shot from “Ruthless” and it is lights out.

Yet, he kept coming forward and didn’t stop pressing until the fight was over and was never in trouble once. He would always get in and out before Lawler could throw the heavy shot which is something he has been working on.

“Of course you have to be worried about Robbie Lawler’s power. He is the biggest hitter in the division and scariest guy. He scared Woodley back into an injury with a sore thumb, he scared Ben Askren. Now Ben Askren is terrified of him. He is the most lethal striker there is,” he explained. “It was definitely a concern but he couldn’t keep up with the ‘Chaos’ catlike reflex. Just the speed, the pressure, and intelligence man. Just like Kurt Angle says, intensity, integrity, and intelligence the three I’s. That is what I did.”

Regardless, it was a dominating performance, and the type of fight he wanted to put on for his ‘first title defense.’ He was also happy with his record-setting performance and seeing the Trump family sitting cage-side to witness the win.

“It was a great title defense. It is another title defense in my storied chapter career. Doing things that have never been done before. Having the first family sitting front row to be able to watch my fight and defend my title,” Covington concluded. “To then get a call from the President of the United States as soon as I walk backstage after my fight. That has never been done before in the history of the sport. Then, also breaking the record for most strikes, I made history three or four times that night. Then also the greatest walkout of all-time walking out to Kurt Angle’s music.”

In the end, Colby Covington is happy with the win, but now the focus changes to fighting Kamaru Usman later this year.

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