Friday, September 30, 2022

Colby Covington: Kamaru Usman ‘Hits Like A Little B*tch’ (Interview)

Now that he’s gotten past Robbie Lawler in dominant fashion, Colby Covington told MMA News that he plans to put a beating on UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Although Dana White has promised Covington a title shot before, he is confident he will finally get that fight. For “Chaos,” he says the only fight he wants is Usman.

“Yeah, 100 percent. The only fight I want to fight is Marty FakeNewsman. But, I can’t control if he is scared to fight me. If he doesn’t want to fight me and is going to sit out and keep faking injuries, I’m going to have to move on with business. Just defend my title against the next worthy opponent,” Covington said to MMA News. “If I have to fight my best friend, Jorge Masvidal, then I have to fight him. But, I’m going to (keep) moving business on and proving to people I am the best in the world and will show it time and time again to the people. People know I put on a show and no one sells a fight like I can do. The Colby ‘Chaos’ train, just like I said on Saturday night, will not be stopped. Get out of the way.”

Against Usman, it would be a very interesting fight. The two are both wrestlers first and foremost where their striking has gotten better, and both like to be the ones to push the pace. But, Covington does not agree with that. Instead, he says he does everything that “Marty FakeNewsman” does but better.

“I match up with him great. He doesn’t do anything I do as good as me. I’m a better striker, better wrestler. There is a reason he wrestled Division-II and I was in Division-I. I’m better at everything and his cardio is not on my level,” Covington explained. “Yeah, his cardio looked good against Tyron Woodley but Tyron Woodley has no cardio. He backs up straight to the fence and throws one punch in a fight. Literally, the least amount of strikes thrown in a title fight. That is a fact.

“So, I think I match up great against Mary FakeNewsman. I think he knows that and is scared of me and tries to avoid me already. Let’s hope that he signs the contract sooner rather than later. I know the security guards were trying to pull him back over the weekend so he will probably be out for another year because of that. Also, what has Marty FakeNewsman done? I got a call from the President, what has he gotten a call from? Maybe the tribe chief of Nigeria sending him smoke signals.”

In the fight against Woodley, Usman did exactly what Covington said he was going to do. He said you need to bring the fight to “The Chosen One” and for “Chaos” to see that happen was frustrating as he could have been the one to do it and become the undisputed champ.

“Yeah, it was frustrating. Why did I not get that fight in the first place? Woodley was running from me for three years and then he was finally willing to take that L and somehow this guy swoops in, Marty FakeNewsman and does the same game plan I told everyone to beat him. Woodley, I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “He is over the hill. He’s doing his rapping, TMZ, he isn’t motivated anymore. He is past his time that is why I don’t think it is a convincing win and everyone makes it out to be a convincing win. But, that ain’t shit. I’m going to expose Marty Fake Newsman for being a Division-II athlete while I’m Division-I and there is levels to this shit.”

Covington does have to get his eye checked out, he expects the fight to happen later this year. Although he would prefer it to be at UFC 244 so the Trump family can be there, he just finally wants to share the cage with Usman and show the world he is the best welterweight alive.

When the two finally fight, Colby Covington expects it to be a beatdown and him knocking out Usman, where he would become the champion and cement his legacy even more.

“I see myself knocking him out. He is going to come out and fight emotional. He’s going to try to take me down and that is going to end up bad for him. So, it is an easy fight for me,” Covington explained. “He is already emotional and is going to try and fight emotional thinking he is going to come out hard and has pillow hands, he hits like a little bitch. It is going to be me getting my hand raised by brutal domination. He will be dominated. It is not going to be competitive. If you want to make money just bet your house on it. It is a sure lock as there ever has been in this sport.”

“I’m excited to fight Marty FakeNewsman and I’m going to leave him in a pool of his own blood. He is f*****g a joke. He came up and beat my sloppy seconds after I had beat them. After I left these guys for dead, RDA, Demian Maia, he came up and picked up the scraps after I did it. After their souls were taken from their bodies. Now it is time to settle it and he has nowhere to go,” he later added. “Dana has already said it, it is me and Marty FakeNewsman next.”

There is no question Colby Covington is confident heading into this fight.

Listen to the full interview with Colby Covington here:

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