Monday, October 3, 2022

Colby Covington Wants Usman At MSG, Cites Convenience For Trump Family

Colby Covington is looking to keep up his relationship with Donald Trump while making his way to facing Kamaru Usman for the title. In his post-fight interview that shows him taking the call from Trump, he said he was willing to face Usman in Las Vegas or New York City However, he would prefer New York City since it would be more convenient for the Trump family to see live.

After addressing how he prepared for Robbie Lawler without a full training camp, Covington said there is no one standing between him and Usman for a title fight. “He has to come see me either in the Garden or in Vegas,” Covington said and that it should be by the end of the year. “Ideally, it doesn’t matter,” Covington clarified, so long as they get to fight but prefers Madison Square Garden because “it’s convenient for the Trumps.”

“As you can see, the first family was in attendance. I can’t thank them enough, from the bottom of my heart; Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump.”

Colby Covington

“Let’s unify these belts in November at Madison Square Garden, so its right down the street from the Trump family,” Covington said and added, “I guarantee our President will come and watch this, front row.” Trump’s relationship with the UFC’s early days in MMA and Dana White are well known but getting him to come to an MMA event now, as President of the United States might be a little too high profile.

Covington’s love for the Trumps is not well received but one thing fans cannot argue is that he certainly has fought his way to a shot at the title. Like it or not, he currently sits at number three in the UFC welterweight rankings so until he gets handed a loss, fans will be seeing more of Covington.

Do you think The President would go watch Covington fight at Madison Square Garden?

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