Thursday, October 6, 2022

Daniel Cormier: Third Bout With Jon Jones Is ‘Ultimately Up To Me’

Daniel Cormier is still undecided on whether or not he wants to fight Jon Jones a third time.

Cormier is set for a heavyweight title defense on Aug. 17. He’ll face Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 241. This will be a rematch as Cormier holds a first-round knockout victory over Miocic.

Cormier Admits He’s Conflicted With Third Jones Bout

The UFC heavyweight champion spoke to‘s Damon Martin. During the interview, Cormier said he’ll be the one who decides if a third fight with Jones materializes.

“When it comes to Jones, I know now with all that I’ve accomplished, I don’t need that fight,” Cormier said. “I’ll be fine regardless but it will be something we revisit, me and my team, my management and everybody else and we’ll see if it’s something we want to do. Ultimately it will be my decision.”

Cormier went on to say that he’s no longer desperate in his quest to defeat Jones and feels he’s carved his own path in mixed martial arts.

“Things are different. I feel like Jones is competing so many times because he has to try and one, regain the faith of the fans, but also retake his place in the sport and I did that. My place is secure with no question marks, no issues in regards in what I’ve done. It would ultimately be up to me to see what I want to do.”

Officially, Cormier is 0-1, 1 NC against Jones. The two first met back in Jan. 2015 with Jones earning a unanimous decision victory. Jones initially scored a knockout win over Cormier at UFC 214, but was popped for turinabol and the bout result was changed to a No Contest.

Before Daniel Cormier walks away from mixed martial arts competition, do you think he fights Jon Jones a third time?

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