Friday, December 9, 2022

Greg Hardy: I’ll Be ‘Most Dangerous Fighter’ Of All Time

Controversial former NFL star Greg Hardy has taken the sport of MMA by storm, although perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

After losing his UFC debut via disqualification this January, Hardy has since rebounded with two straight first-round knockouts. They haven’t exactly been over top-ranked competition in Dmitry Smolyakov and Juan Adams, however. So Hardy is on the hunt for some truly noteworthy opposition in his next fight. He recently told MMA Junkie that he’s looking to showcase his skills against a ranked opponent over the course of three full rounds:

“We’re looking with somebody with numbers behind their name. Going to bring a whole lot of pain, stretch this fight game out and see if we can go three rounds, maybe. See what that looks like.”

Hasn’t Earned Anything

Hardy admitted he isn’t quite sure what the UFC has in store for him. He also acknowledged he isn’t owed anything by the fight game. That said, he believes he’ll destroy any fighter he’s matched up against:

“I can’t presume to know what the boss has in his mind and I will never do that. It’s not my place. I would say I think I deserve nothing. I haven’t earned it, it’s only been two years. But I also think I will crush anyone you put in front of me. So bring it.”

Working On It All

Hardy revealed he was working on becoming a truly well-rounded fighter. He’s looking to take the next step in his evolution as a fighter. The end goal, he claims, is to be considered an actual world champion:

“This is my time basically to just work on everything that is Greg Hardy,” Hardy said. “Grappling, punching, there is no specifics. There’s not a guy to worry about taking me down. This is where I become a martial artist and take the next step. Work on my gi, work on my no-gi, work on my kickboxing. Just encompass everything that is a fighter and build my game to be an actual world champion instead of some fluke showcase movie-deal fight guy.”

Hardy The ‘Most Dangerous?’

Finally, the knockout artist gave props to his gym, South Florida’s American Top Team (ATT). He insists they’re helping him become everything he aspires to be in MMA. With their help, he believes he will become the most dangerous fighter MMA has ever seen:

“These guys push me to become something the world has never seen,” Hardy said. “We’re going to be the most complete, most dangerous, most vicious fighter of all time. We are literally stone-by-stone, brick-by-brick building everything I need.”

Bold words from a bold personality, although not something we haven’t seen before. He teased his goal to become the greatest combat sports heavyweight ever before his fight with Adams last month.

Will Greg Hardy truly deliver on his lofty claims and become the heavyweight GOAT?