Sunday, September 25, 2022

Joe Rogan Lashes Out Against Cris Cyborg’s Video Editor

Cris Cyborg has apologized to Dana White for her video that released the conversation with him. There, Cyborg’s team edited in a part that White said he is always lying and you can never trust him.

That resulted in White responding and forcing Cyborg to issue an apology. Now, UFC commentator, Joe Rogan lashed out against whoever edited that video.

“They f*cked up. Cyborg’s team,” Rogan said during a conversation with Brendan Schaub on the Joe Rogan Experience (h/t MMA Fighting). “Whoever did it, whether it’s her boyfriend or whoever it was that edited that video, that lied and put words in his mouth, is so f*cking stupid.

“You don’t think that they’re going to do something about that? You’re out of your goddamn mind. When they edited that video to say that “whenever I’m talking in public I’m not telling the truth,” which is not what he said at all, and then to have it edited and cut right there…”

This was part of a long feud between Cris Cyborg and Dana White. It resulted in the former featherweight champ being released from the UFC.

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