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Joe Rogan Reacts To Cris Cyborg’s UFC 240 Commentary Criticisms

It’s safe to say Cris Cyborg‘s split with the UFC hasn’t been an amicable one. Joe Rogan and his UFC 240 commentary have played a part in that.

Last week, UFC President Dana White effused that the promotion was ‘out of the Cyborg business.’ He confirmed they would release the former champion and not match any offers. The aggressive response came a few days after Cyborg’s production team released a very poorly edited video of her having a backstage confrontation with White at July 27’s UFC 240.

Cyborg ultimately apologized to White for the video. And in fact, it seems the door may not be closed on a UFC return for Cyborg. But there’s a ton of work to be done, as she has many bones to pick with the promotion. In addition to her constant claims that White abuses her and therefore harms her brand, she was critical of Rogan’s commentary of her fight against Felicia Spencer at UFC 240.

Indeed, Cyborg and Rogan have a long history of discord just like Cyborg and White do. In terms of the commentary at UFC 240, Rogan’s booth mate Jon Anik vehemently denied that. Now it’s Rogan’s turn to respond.

Rogan Speaks Out On UFC 240

The famed MMA personality addressed the controversy on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ while speaking to Brendan Schaub. He stood fast that it was not biased commentary. To him, Spencer’s toughness was truly incredible:

“That was the thing with the Spencer fight. Like, people were saying, ‘Oh, it was biased commentary.’ No, it wasn’t. That girl survived. She survived the onslaught. It was her eighth pro fight or ninth pro fight.”

Schaub spoke up that the fight still wasn’t close. Rogan agreed that it was not, but pointed out that Spencer cut Cyborg badly. Schaub didn’t care. Overall, Rogan was just impressed Spencer hung in there:

“It wasn’t close. And she cut Cybrog’s face wide open too. But still, the idea was that she was going to run through that girl and she didn’t. That girl was tough as s***.

Rogan then touched on why Spencer couldn’t shock the world and pick up her biggest-ever win. In his mind, she just can’t hang with the legendary Cyborg in the striking department:

“But she doesn’t have striking on the level. She doesn’t have power to keep Cyborg off her.”

‘Incredible’ Feat To Last The Distance?

Rogan closed by reiterating that no one actually believed Spencer was the victor. Yet it was just an amazing feat to even persevere through the beating Cyborg dished out at UFC 240:

“There was no one that thought Spencer won that fight after it was over, but it was amazing that she was able to endure the f***ing beating that Cyborg put on her. It was incredible.”

Cyborg demanded a public apology from Rogan and White after her UFC contract expired following her win over Spencer. White has taken a hardline stance, claiming Cyborg was always a nightmare to work with. Rogan has kept it a bit more cordial, but he is still standing by what he said.

Are you on board with Joe Rogan’s defense of his UFC 240 commentary?

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