Saturday, January 16, 2021

Michael Bisping Says Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo 2 Is Fight To Make

Michael Bisping believes Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo 2 makes sense.

Back in Dec. 2015, McGregor challenged Aldo for the UFC featherweight title. The lead-up to the fight was memorable as scenes such as McGregor taking the championship off Aldo’s table during a press conference and ripping up a picture of Aldo helped the “Notorious” one continue his meteoric rise. It almost couldn’t have ended any better for McGregor as he knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds.

Bisping Says McGregor vs. Aldo 2 Makes Sense

Bisping isn’t sold on the possibility of a rematch between McGregor and UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. He explained why during an edition of his Believe You Me podcast.

“That’s the fight to make [McGregor vs. Aldo II], if I’m honest. Conor’s gotta get back in the winning circle. If he fights Khabib, more than likely that’s not gonna happen. Could he catch him with a good shot and rock him and follow it up? Yeah, of course he could. But more than likely Khabib’s gonna take his best shot, he’s gonna take him down and we’re gonna have a replay of what happened last time.”

He would, however, like to see a rematch between McGregor and Aldo.

“Aldo and McGregor, the buildup to that fight was huge. It ended amazingly in 13 seconds and well done to McGregor. I think people would love to see that because a lot of people feel that Aldo could do better in the rematch. And that’s definitely a very winnable fight for Conor. Of course we saw what happened the first time, the second time who knows what’s gonna happen? But it’s a very winnable fight.”

Bisping believes that UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden is the perfect event to have McGregor vs. Aldo II. He also feels the bout should serve as a headliner. The UFC has a history of wanting title fights to headline pay-per-views, so time will tell if that becomes an option.