Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Quote: B.J. Penn Will Fight Until His Limbs Fall Of

B.J. Penn will return to the Octagon later this year when he takes on Nik Lentz. Many people were surprised by the announcement, as people thought he should retire.

Yet, the Hawaiian keeps on fighting, and his last opponent, Clay Guida says he still hits hard. He also believes Penn will fight for a long time, and it is good that he is doing so.

“B.J. is just a pure island warrior. What an animal that guy is. I can’t begin to say enough good things about him. I have been in losses where I haven’t been as banged up as I was against B.J. He cut me here, here, here (pointing to his forehead, cheek, and chin). That dude still hits hard,” Guida said at a media scrum. “He was the king of the division, he was the king of the UFC for so long for a reason. He was one of the first, two-division champs… There is a lot to be said of that. B.J. is one of those guys who’s got no quit in him and he is just so darn tough. You can’t keep a guy like that down, he is going to compete until his limbs fall off and you know what you can’t fault a guy for that. So, good for B.J.”

Of course, B.J. Penn is currently on a seven-fight losing streak and has a heated rivalry against Lentz. The two have not liked each other for years.

But, although Guida says Penn will fight until his limbs fall off, UFC president, Dana White says this will be his last fight regardless of the outcome.

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