Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Video: BJ Penn Allegedly Knocked Out In Yet Another Bar Fight

Former UFC two-division champion BJ Penn is back in the media for yet another alleged involvement in a bar fight in his native Hawaii.

According to TMZ Sports, Penn was knocked clean out by a pair of punches from an antagonist. A source close to Penn told TMZ the man had been following the fighter around and trying to egg him on into a fight. The man is allegedly “notorious for taunting BJ.”

You can watch the video of Penn getting laid out here:

The video of Penn getting knocked out surfaced hours after an initial video arrived of Penn mounting the man’s back and raining down punches.

The aforementioned source revealed that after Penn was knocked out, he got up and was disoriented. He then went after his attacker. That was where the footage of the initial video, which came after Penn was dropped in the video above, came from. You can watch that here:

Onlookers obviously attempted to pry a maddened Penn off the man. It comes after another video of Penn getting into another bar fight surfaced in June. No arrest was made in that altercation even though police were contacted. And the same situation transpired in this latest incident. Penn and his opponent were reportedly not arrested even though police were contacted.

The MMA legend is currently on a record losing streak. He will face Nik Lentz in what is supposed to be his final fight in MMA, win or lose.

Regardless, based on the alleged footage above, it’s been a saddening fall from grace for a man who was once one of the UFC’s biggest stars.

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