Saturday, November 26, 2022

Video: Dana White Talks To Daniel Cormier After UFC 241 Loss

After Daniel Cormier lost his heavyweight title to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241 he was visibly upset in the Octagon. He was even more upset in his locker room after as UFC president, Dana White entered the locker room to talk to Cormier.

To no surprise, ‘DC’ was upset as the two shared a heartwrenching moment. (h/t to Reddit user u/metanoia09 posted the video on r/mma and for showcasing the video).

Dana White enters the room and tells him it was an incredible fight. Yet, ‘DC’ says he was an idiot for the way he fought which White does not agree with.

“I was winning the fight on all the cards, too. On every card I was winning. I was winning all three rounds on two of them,” Cormier said “I’m a f*cking idiot.”

“Why are you an idiot?” White says. “Listen man, Stipe came to f*cking win. That dude was in great shape, he kept coming forward, you kept coming forward. You don’t see heavyweight fights like that where two fucking monsters just keep coming forward and f*cking blasting each other the way that you were. It was an incredible fight. I know how you are and how competitive you are. You’re the f*cking man, dude.”

Following White leaving, Cormier continues to talk saying he is upset and saying being competitive is a gift and curse. But, he also mentions he could get the trilogy fight next if he still wants to fight.

It is no doubt a very upsetting moment for Daniel Cormier as Dana White was consoling him.