Sunday, January 24, 2021

Colby Covington Explains Why Friendship With Jorge Masvidal Soured

Colby Covington has made it clear that his friendship with Jorge Masvidal went south.

Covington and Masvidal had been longtime friends and training partners at American Top Team. Despite this, Masvidal said he’d fight Covington if it was for the UFC welterweight title. While Covington had been giving Masvidal backhanded compliments recently, things came to a boiling point when “Chaos” fired back at “Gamebred” for calling out Kamaru Usman.

“[Jorge Masvidal] I know you’re dumb and desperate, but you spelled JOURNEYMAN TITLE wrong junior. Reading is fundamental and #supernecessary. Just like WINNING is #supernecessary to get title fights. You should try both sometime, you trash bag.”

Covington Gives Rundown On Soured Friendship With Masvidal

Covington appeared as a guest on ESPN’s Ariel Helwani Show. During his appearance, Covington revealed where things went wrong with Masvidal.

“The state of my relationship with Jorge Masvidal is, he’s the type of guy that when you’re doing something for him, yeah he’ll use you,” Covington said. “As long as you’re doing better than him and you’re not helping him out anymore, then he doesn’t care about you. And that’s exactly what happened. When he got beat up by Demian Maia and then I went in there and I completely destroyed Demian Maia in his home country, that’s when the relationship started to get a little bit different. He started to act different towards me like a competitor. I know it’s not the MAGA stuff that gets him mad, Ariel because he’s a big Donald Trump fan.”

Covington later said that things kept piling up, leading to the deterioration of the friendship.

“It was one thing after another,” Covington continued. “It was the Demian Maia thing, he started to get bitter and jealous. And then as soon as I won the world title, like I had him in my corner for that fight and he never even showed up that week to help me. He didn’t show up to help warm up with me. I knew he was making it all about himself and he wasn’t truly happy for me and my success. All he cares about is himself. That’s all Jorge is. [He’s] a guy that cares for himself.

“He doesn’t care for others and he doesn’t care for anybody unless they can do something for him and I’m not that guy. I’m not gonna always just do stuff for you and then be taken for granted. Now I passed him up, I’m making more money than him, I’m banging hotter chicks than him. I’m doing better in life and he’s just a jealous little b*tch.”

Masvidal is scheduled to headline UFC 244 on Nov. 2. He’ll go one-on-one with Nate Diaz. Meanwhile for Covington, negotiations for his planned UFC welterweight title bout with Kamaru Usman fell apart.