Thursday, July 7, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Responds To ‘Little B*tch’ Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal is aware that Colby Covington has been throwing shade at him, and now he’s returning fire.

Masvidal and Covington have been longtime friends and training partners, but their relationship has deteriorated significantly. On the surface, these issues started when Masvidal said he’d fight Covington if it was for the championship. But the issues have lingered for over a year if you ask both men.

Covington told Ariel Helwani that he sensed jealousy from Masvidal dating back to his victory over Demian Maia.

“The state of my relationship with Jorge Masvidal is, he’s the type of guy that when you’re doing something for him, yeah he’ll use you,” Covington said. “As long as you’re doing better than him and you’re not helping him out anymore, then he doesn’t care about you. And that’s exactly what happened. When he got beat up by Demian Maia and then I went in there and I completely destroyed Demian Maia in his home country, that’s when the relationship started to get a little bit different. He started to act different towards me like a competitor. I know it’s not the MAGA stuff that gets him mad, Ariel because he’s a big Donald Trump fan.”

Jorge Masvidal Fires Back At Colby Covington

Never one to hold his tongue, Masvidal told Helwani that Covington should address him face-to-face.

“I didn’t hear it per se. I didn’t hear it like coming out of his mouth,” Masvidal said. “But right before I got on the phone with you, somebody dropped some knowledge that the spice girl was just talking about me man. Saying things, I don’t know exactly what was said or not. All I know is that he knows what f*cking gym I’m at and when I’m f*cking there. Well actually, maybe he doesn’t know. So I don’t know maybe I can be at the gym tomorrow, Thursday, whenever you want Colby. I can be at the f*cking gym and whatever incidents you’re having we can talk about it like men.”

Masvidal would go on to talk about an incident he had with Covington in the crowd during UFC 241.

“He had to tell Dana White that I was trying to assault him,” Masvidal continued. “Dana White came over to me like if I’m in kindergarten talking about, ‘don’t give out no three pieces and a soda.’ I go, ‘what the f*ck are you talking about Dana?’ He goes, ‘no Colby’s telling me you’re trying to f*cking assault him. You can’t do that.’ And I go, ‘man this guy’s such a b*tch.’ I told him let’s talk like men. Why are you online doing all this sh*t? For a like? For a f*cking follow of a fan? That’s how low your soul is?

Masvidal said that an incident between Covington and his coach rubbed him the wrong way and things haven’t been the same between the two since.

“Two weeks ago he’s the one saying that I was his best friend,” Masvidal said. “I haven’t said none of that sh*t in a while cause this motherf*cker did some sh*t I didn’t like to somebody that I adore, and that’s my coach. So since that we haven’t been cool. This dude needs to slow down man, cause he knows better than most who the f*ck I am. So I’ll be at the gym Colby. If you’re hearing this you little b*tch cause you will. Cause he acts like he’s not sensitive but he’s the most sensitive dude I’ve ever met. He cries when he reads comments. So Colby if you’re hearing this or when you read this, I’ll be at the gym this whole time at the week. If you wanna talk like men or not let me know.”

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